How Smart Chairs Are Valuable Additions to Your Home’s HVAC System

One of the most important features in any home during cold winter months is the heating and air conditioning system. There are various types of heating systems, and many of them are very effective; however, it is possible that you may begin feeling that your system is not meeting your personal needs even if it is heating the home. Why should it meet personal needs? What is a personal need and why should an HVAC do any more than heat the room? Very good questions, but all people have different desired room temperatures, and this is why people set thermostats; yet in many situations, they still feel the HVAC is only providing a generic solution. How can this be resolved, especially with numerous people living in a single residence? This article will show you how you can control heating with heated smart chairs and smartphones.

How Do Smart Chairs Work?

Smart ChairsThe number of people working from home has increased tremendously in recent years with several people sharing a home office. This can be cost-effective, but there is the issue that the people may not share the same heating preference. In fact, this disagreement in room temperature can be found in almost any social situation from friends having a house party to a family sitting down to watch television after dinner. In the past, arguments may have ensued over the set temperature and people may have landed up very uncomfortable; however, this is no longer the case because we can now control the heat of personal seating.

For example, one HVAC system that can be used is the Hyper Chair. This is a smart chair created by Personal Comfort Systems at the University of California, Berkeley. The person using this chair is able to set the temperature to the exact degree they find most comfortable. Of course, the question of cost and efficiency can be raised, but this chair is not costly or inefficient. In fact, reports show that heated chairs reduce heating costs by approximately 30% and use less energy than having to heat an entire room.

What About Efficiency?

As is mentioned, efficiency is increased because it is easier to heat one chair than an entire room. Also, the heated chairs reduce the electricity bill and can increase the efficiency of the power grid.

Smart chairs are completely unique in that they can be controlled by smart phones. In today’s current technological climate, the smart phone allows you to control and monitor the temperature of your smart chair. Researchers state that the future technological advances can take these chairs to a point where they will be communicating with the home’s general heating systems.