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Dirty uncut dicks covered in smelly dick cheese is what my little site is all about.A tribute to dirty cheese covered cocks. I have collected the hottest pics from other nasty smegma lovin guys and showcased them here for you.

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Bonus Dick Cheese and Smegma Story

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About a year ago I was walking by a large construction area, I have just left a pub a really needed to take a piss. The construction was quite large and had several trailer so I ducked in behind to take a piss. I have just pulled my dick out when a tall, scruffy Italian guy rounded the corner.

"Ya beat me to it" he laughed. " I have to piss so bad I can taste it"

He stood a few feet away from me and pulled open his coveralls . In the corner of my eye I could see him fumbling with his zipper and them adjust his underwear to expose a extremely large uncut dick. The kind with a thick meaty foreskin, that gathers at the head and hung about a inch forward from the head of his horse dick.

I rather alarming blast of piss explode from his big dick.

" That's nice" he grunted.
"yep, real relief " I said

The flow from his dick had started to weakened has he squeezed out the last drops.

He started shaking his huge dick , and I started to smell a very strong odor, the sweet smell of a dirty unwashed dick. I turned my body a little more to investigate the strong smell and saw the beefy construction worker retracting his thick foreskin. It was obvious that the cock had not be washed in many many days. A thick dick white cheese covered the head and folds of the foreskin. As he moved the foreskin back and forward the smegma lossened and the odor of his cheese crop become ever stronger.

"getting a little ripe down there" he joked.

I looked down at his dick " Your not joking dude; a good blowjob will clean that right up"
He laughs, " I pity the bitch who would clean up that mess."

" I am sure there are plenty of girls, and guys for that matter that would lap that mess right up" I said.

"you gotta be joking" he said, turning towards me, "they would suck this", he says shaking the thick semi hard dick

I took a step closer , and was now just inches away from him.

"Sound likes your interested in the job dude. For sixty bucks you can clean me up real good, over there in the porta potty", "interested" he asked.

"Sure" I said. "lets go for it"

The toilet was small a cramped. He stood against the wall and pulled his dick out thur the zipper opening. The "half hard" dick hung, thick and heavy in my hand. He closed his eyes and relaxed back against the wall.

His cock become hard very quickly and the the foreskin tighten around the head. I moved closer to his dick to inhale his the musky man scent. It was over powering ! Almost unpleasant in it's intensity but still incredicaly hot. I was going to suck off this super hot Italian stud's dirty fuckin dick. I gently pulled the foreskin back at watch the cheese covered head appear. He had lossen the mess while pissing and it was now thick and chunky at the tip and still tightly attached around the folds of the foreskin.

I moved in and took my first lick, it was salty and strong.

He moaned a little and then pushed by head forward, " clean it man" he said.
He pushed my head forward and the 9 inch dirty dick disappeared into my mouth. The cheesy mess covered my mouth sled down my throat. Each stroke his cock was a little cleaner as I eat all the smegma.
"clean behind the head with your tongue" he grunted.

I complied and worked my tongue into the textured folds of foreskin. I pulled my head off his dick and inspected his huge dick. Totally clean, the head to pink to wet.

" You gotta get me off now man, my break is almost over"

I sucked deep and hard and until I felt his body tighten and his balls move up against his stomach. He tensed and grunted loudly has he let his load blast down my throat.

He quickly pull his dick out my mouth and tucked it back into his pants.

"Gotta go" , he said. " Meet me here next week same time a I will have another crop and cheese and load of cum for ya"

"Great" I said. " I can't wait"

I sucked that guy for over 6 month until the project was completed and the site closed. He always made sure he had a dirty cheese covered dick, every Friday at 2:15 pm. My mouth still waters if I past the building at 2:00.

Hope You liked the story.

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